Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lots of News Here

1) I finished another hat! This is going to be a gift for my friends upcoming baby, I found this yarn by Lion Brand called Landscape. It is a bulky yarn that's very soft. Jo-Ann's was having a clearance sale and the $6 ball was $2 so of course I bought 4 of them. Not knowing what to make because the colorway is kind of unappealing. Lion calls it Spring Desert but I call it Pastel Diarrhea. Anyway, I'm giving this hat to a certain baby because that baby's parents are the kind of wonderful people that if they get a gift that they don't like or doesn't go with their decor, they will hang on to it and display it if the gift giver comes over, because they don't want the crappy gift giver to think that they did not appreciate the crappy gift. That's how sweet these people are. And I am going to totally exploit that by giving their baby this hat:

In homage to all the artistic knitting pictures out there, the hat is on my cat Dolly's back while she drinks from the faucet in my bathroom.
So now I'm thinking of knitting a matching hat for the mom, then I will come visit and they will have to wear the hats! I am evil I know.

2) In the car today during my lunch hour, I finished knitting Absorba the bathmat! When I am done weaving in the ends I will post a photo. She is beautiful. I determined that my bathmat is a she because Absorba ends with an A. If my bathmat were a boy his name would be Absorbo, duh!

3) Here is another sign that I am becoming an obsessed knittomaniac--I joined a KAL! That means knit-a-long! Basically someone starts a blog for a certain project and everyone who is doing that project can blog about it so they all are doing the same project together. This one is for the Chevron Scarf. I am waiting for my yarn to come in the mail so I can get started, I ordered 4 colorways of Socks That Rock because I couldn't decide on which color combo I wanted. When the yarn arrives I will take pics and post.

So that is all the news from NO! WAIT! I just thought of a new name for this blog, I am changing it to KNITMARE ON ELM STREET because I live on Elm Street!! I am brilliant.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

OMG I Knitted My First Hat!

I was determined to learn how to knit in the round because I wanted to make a hat. Not on a hat loom, I have made those before. On real knitting needles. So I bought this awesome Noro yarn to motivate me. And it did! Yay, me!

I even used double pointed needles for the first time! Yay me again! The top of the hat is kind of wonky, I still have to get the hang of those things:

But with all my miscounting and messing up, it still came out looking like a hat!

It matches the pansies perfectly.

I think I have turned a corner with my knitting. A round corner. I think I am almost ready to tackle a sock!