Monday, May 25, 2009

An Update 10 Months In The Making

Imagine, putting pictures of knitting on my knitting blog, who would have thought. I think I am getting a little bit over Facebook and also I have been reading a lot of knitting blogs lately and I feel inspired a little bit, also I have this 3 day weekend which gives me the feeling of having some time and even though I have a lot to do today I'm doing this first. So here are pictures of stuff that I made since last summer.

A sock. Actually two of them, made with Socks That Rock mediumweight, color is Fairgrounds or maybe Farmhouse, I get those 2 mixed up. I still need to kitchener the toe of the 2nd one, it takes like 15 minutes so I put it off for 2 months.

Thorpe. Made with a chunky tweed yarn by Plymouth in brown and trimmed with Lion Suede. My first top-down hat, ended up a little short but the earflaps make up for it. This one was my snow shoveling hat.

My second Fake Isle hat, Black is Brown Sheep wool and color is Noro Kureyon. Kind of tight and goofy looking on my head but I like the colors and pattern so I will keep practicing till I make one that comes out better.

Dobby hat by Left in Stitches. I whipped this one up out of some acrylic to wear in the St. Patrick's Day parade. Good thing, it was really cold and wet that day, I was happy to have it. Around this time I also made a hat for Max that was just like the one Randy wore in "A Christmas Story", really long and cool.

A cowl. Can't remember the pattern, but the yarn was Cascade 220. I made this because I was having technical difficulties while snow shoveling, it seems my scarf would push my hat off my head because it was too bulky around my neck. So I devised the Cowl/Calorimetry combo which worked much better. If I knew where my calorimetry was I would have taken a picture of it.

Another Noro Kureyon hat. I love that yarn and I buy what I like one skein at a time. At the beginning of winter I make a Noro hat and that is my wear to work and keep in the car hat. Not looking forward to making another one because that will mean that Summer is over.

This sock I made with yarn I was given by one of my knitting group girls. I don't like the colorway for myself but when my sister was up here a while back she really liked it so I am giving it to her for her birthday in July and then I will try to knit the other one by Christmas and give it to her then.

So now you are all caught up. See you next summer!