Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

I Am The World's Worst Knitblogger

Is knitblogger even a word? Well, I am anyway. Since my last post I knit a pink baby hat, a washcloth and I am working on a burp cloth for a baby, or as I affectionately called them when my kids were little, barf rags. This one is too pretty to be called a barf rag, and if I wasn't too tired to take pictures, you could see it. Here are the other things I need to post pictures of.:

1) Finished pink baby hat with the funky top that is too long and will probably not have the nerve to give as a gift.
2) Purple-ish absorba bathmat that I finished and don't want to put on my bathroom floor because it will get dirty and hairy even though I can wash it.
3) Beginning of my Chevron scarf that I was so excited to make and now sits untouched because I'm not that wild about the color combo even though it's nice and I really liked it on the internet.
4) And let's not even talk about the Babette blanket that sits in a tote in my living room. I know I will get back to that eventually. But eventually is a long time.

And here are the projects I want to start, notice I said start, not finish.

1) Slippers for Max.
2) A hat for my niece Kristina
3) Ballband dishcloths for christmas gifts for my whole family.

But first I must do these things:

1-4) Another washcloth, another barf rag, and 2 bibs for friends who are having babies in August and October.

I look at it this way--knitting should be fun. Therefore, if you get burnt out on a project and want to work on a different one for a while, you should. I hate slogging. And this baby stuff is starting to feel like slogging. So my friends may get other gifts that aren't of the knitted variety, and that will have to be ok.

So now you are caught up. I'll put up pictures soon. Or not.