Thursday, June 28, 2012

BIKE-- Why I Love It

So, I know I have only been biking since the beginning of May, but I have done it A LOT in these past two months. This healthy behavior of exercise is something I have done in fits and starts over the years, it has usually hurt, and I never saw much improvement. Motivation was nearly non-existent. That has changed. Here is why I enjoy biking so much.

1-- It is social. This is a big one. I have gone riding by myself, but mostly my rides have been with friends. Almost immediately I formed a gang, christened us the Land Sharks, and there has been no stopping us since. The conversations we have on our rides have deepened our friendships, which is a wonderful thing.

2-- We have great trails. In the Spokane area there are miles and miles of paved trails through the most beautiful scenery! The Fish Lake trailhead is 5 minutes from my house, so it is very convenient, which is a bonus!

3-- Wildlife! So far I have seen, in no particular order, the following: Squirrel, chipmunk, marmot, deer, rabbit, turtle, bald eagle, sheep, alpaca, horse and snake. That is practically the entire animal kingdom! Most of them do not want to pose for pictures, so far only the turtle has been cooperative.

4-- I am starting to see the physical benefits. I take the stairs at work much more easily than I used to, and my clothes are fitting differently. Yes, this can also be attributed to my losing 30 pounds, but I believe my legs are stronger than before, and that sure helps. I have had the urge to do additional exercise to tone my upper body and core. I haven't done it yet, but having the urge is a good change.

So for me, the key is to do what you love, and I love to ride my bike!  When the seasons change and winter comes, I may have to join a gym.  Who knows, I may end up loving that too!

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