Sunday, July 1, 2012


So, I have been eating differently for over four months now. By that I mean I have been eating less red meat and more chicken, more veggies and fruit, and smaller portions in general.  This has changed my tastes.  Here is an example:  Last Saturday morning I had to work right after my WW weigh-in. Now, I don't eat before my weigh-ins and usually just eat a banana at the meeting and then the rest of my breakfast when I get home. Well I was going right to work, so I decided to stop at Jack in the Box and get one of their Hearty Bowls.  It has hash browns, sausage, eggs and cheese and is a greasy gooey 25 points.  I had justified all those points by telling myself that I had just lost 2.6 pounds so I can eat something that I love.  Here is the thing--I didn't love it.  I barely even liked it!  What a waste of 25 points!  So yesterday I had to work again, and I decided to make oatmeal on Friday night and bring a bowl of that along with some blueberries. Much better!  The point I am taking a long time to make is this: I have started to make better choices naturally. The better choices are the ones I like better now!  Some of this makes me sad, because I love the bad choice food in my heart. Like bacon, I love bacon in my heart so much!  But the last time I ate it I was unimpressed.  I don't want to quit loving bacon, but I would rather eat something else less greasy, like turkey bacon.  It's still bacon, right?  I can still love it!
Anyway, all this stuff was rattling around in my head so I have to admit it now.  I have drunk the healthy kool-aid.  And I like it.  Move over, bacon, my heart needs the space.

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